Sharon Zhong

༼ ºلº ༽

Originally from Queens NY, she likes to spend hours at a time in coffee shops and visit cool bars. Sharon spent her freshman year studying environmental science before switching over to study gd. She is interested in the mix of disciplines, and her work aims to be in-between the spaces of art and design.

The name little-sharon, refers to the fact that she is very short in height.

Typefaces: Aileron & Algebra.
This is my first fully coded website from scratch.


Boston University
Undergraduate graphic design
September 2017 — May 2020

RISD Summer Studies 2018
Book design course
June 2018 — June 2018 (2w)


We Make Heart (link to website)
Graphic Design Intern
September 2019 — December 2019
Boston, MA

Boston University (link to website)
Design Strategy & Software Teaching Assistant
September 2019 — December 2019
Boston, MA

Design Museum Boston (link to website)
Design Intern
Jan 2019 — May 2019
Boston, MA